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A Digital Marketing strategy is basically a series of steps or a Marketing Action Plan that uses online channels to achieve your company’s various marketing goals. There are several online channels such as Website Marketing, Video Marketing, Social Media and Email Marketing to name a few. Each of these channels must be optimized to drive traffic to your company’s main channel in order to grow your business. Arokia IT can cover every aspect of your Digital Marketing needs right from evaluating your Business needs, creating a Digital Marketing blueprint, Content marketing strategy, Optimization, Analytics, Social Media and SEO/SEM.

Search engine Optimization (SEO)
Arokia IT prides itself in its SEO expertise and our customer testimonial’s reflect our results. Unlike other SEO companies that try to do same mechanical tasks without understanding client’s business. We put ourselves in our client’s shoes and work on SEO strategy based on what will work for our client’s website. We keep pace with ever changing SEO landscape and protect our client’s interest from ever changing search engine algorithm related changes..
Video Marketing Benefits
Youtube is the largest video platform and is the second largest search engine after Google. Video marketing is becoming the most influential channel for marketing to increase brand awareness and to bring your product / business to the online audience. Through well-planned and well-designed videos a lot can be conveyed than a typical sales pitch. Videos also have the potential to drive traffic through multiple channels and enable lead generation and conversion.
Grow your Business
Marketing using Video Entertainment
Engage with your Community
Create Brand Awarness


Drive Traffic through multiple channels
Diversify your Marketing Strategy
Youtube for B2B
Arokia IT can address every aspect of your Youtube Marketing requirements. With a team of Digital Marketing Consultants, we help in analyzing the target audience for your specific business and develop a Content Marketing Strategy right from Video creation recommendations, Optimization (SEO), Ranking, Distribution, Social Media, Ads, Analytics and beyond. There is no facet of Youtube Marketing that we can’t handle.
Since YouTube is the 2nd highest ranked search engine, it has the power to create visibility for your business and introduce your brand to a wider audience. With close to 2 Billion active users, Youtube is the second largest social media site on the web after Facebook. Youtube is just as important as LinkedIn and Twitter.

B2B decisions are usually Price and Profit based so videos must focus on how the product saves Time, Resources & Money. B2Bs have a longer purchasing process so focus should be on Branding videos that enable & instigate relationship building.

Lead Conversion Videos
Videos that enrich professional relationships Product videos for key decision makers
Customer Retention Videos
Educational videos on How to use in, your Products, Troubleshooting Tips etc
Brand Awarness Videos
Videos for Prospective Customers 46% of B2B technology buyers Purchase a product or service after viewing video content – Based on a study released by the International Data Group
Youtube for B2C
Youtube Marketing principles are similar for both B2B and B2C, however the execution is different. At Arokia , we understand there is no real One Size Fits All approach. Every industry every company has its own business needs and target audience. We analyze this very carefully before providing you with a marketing strategy. B2Cs tend to focus a lot on their products so the videos should be more product-centric than branding videos. Educational ‘How-To’ videos are also important for B2Cs as they help reach out to a wider audience. YouTube for B2Cs also allows you to engage with your target audience, answer questions about your business, and get them familiar with your brand. This all ultimately leads to a conversion.
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