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What are the Benefits of Cloud Consulting?

Benefits of Cloud Consulting

Data today is currency. It is a critical factor that drives business. It is also something that we have a surplus of. This data must be stored safely and securely. Cloud computing enables the storage of large amounts of data in the cloud, ensuring business efficiency, cost-effectiveness, business continuity, and unlimited data storage. Businesses are continually faced with the challenges of using cloud computing to their advantage and having cloud consulting experts who can guide them through the process.

Industry data shows approximately 69% of businesses use the cloud, while the remainder is in the process of adoption (International Data Group). The businesses who invest in the cloud, big data, security and mobility according to Dell reports, enjoy a revenue growth of almost 53% than their competitors. Cloud computing has manifold benefits, its adoption even more. Hiring experts to help you with it makes the adoption process frictionless and cost-effective.

What is Cloud Consulting?

Cloud computing provides storage of all kinds of data on a cloud-hosted server, without having to keep the material on a system or hard drive. This makes access seamless, frees up space on computers, has unlimited storage capabilities, and makes sharing quick and easy. For organizations, it cuts away all the time and effort in sharing and storing information. For businesses on the cloud, network maintenance, data safety, and security are very critical. When these are affected, it can pause business causing detrimental effects. Cloud consulting services comprise domain experts with varied expertise in providing cloud computing solutions, and here are 3 benefits of hiring them;

1. FLEXIBILITY & AFFORDABILITY – Your business entails you to perform innumerable tasks which need your undivided attention. Having to spend that energy on the computer and data-storage issues will not let you devote your time to achieving business goals. Employing cloud consulting services for your business helps you hire someone to manage the network maintenance task, as much as or as less you want making it very flexible for you as a business owner. This can save you considerable costs which you would have otherwise spent on a fully-staffed, in-house IT department, and you can pick and choose the services you want. 

2. ENHANCED COLLABORATION – For a business team spread across multiple geographies or regions, cloud consulting helps you share resources with members across your team. Cloud-based workflows and cloud-sharing applications facilitate teamwork, keep you up-to-date and make maintenance and upkeep seamless.

3. DATA BACKUPS – With the entire cloud being a bank of data critical to business, its safety and security cannot be compromised. Recovering data after a loss can be cumbersome without a reliable backup solution. A cloud consulting provider can be the protector of your data, ensuring it is consistently always backed up, any critical issues addressed, and sorted so that the sanctity of your data is untouched.