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Are you a Blockchain startup looking to build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to take it to your customer for feedback or to make a pitch to the investors for funds?. Look no further as Arokia IT USA can help you build the MVP in 90 days or less.


Blockchain is a technology that enables the ability to make transactions and track assets without the need for trusting a central authority. Public blockchains are open and permissionless, allowing anyone to read from or write to them. This facilitates the creation of applications for which transparency, decentralization, and immutability of data are key. With use-cases in sectors ranging from healthcare to finance, blockchain has the potential to revolutionize society.

Blockchain development refers to the utilization of this technology to develop and maintain systems that benefit from such distributed and
permissionless data. A core element of blockchain is smart contracts, which provide for the execution of code on the blockchain. Smart contracts overcome the drawback that most centralized applications suffer from—a single point of failure. As the code exists on a distributed ledger, it significantly reduces the need for sophisticated backend infrastructure as well. By leveraging the benefits that blockchain and smart contracts have to offer, one can create robust, secure, and efficient applications.

Service Overview

Arokia IT USA has a skilled team of blockchain and smart contract developers, frontend and backend engineers, as well as security experts who combine their knowledge and expertise to deliver top-of-the-line web3 services ranging from simple smart contract APIs to full-stack dApps.

Keeping in mind the security implications that stem from the irreversible nature of the blockchain, our team is rigorously trained in to operate within the optimal web3 development workflow. The result is a product that is elegant, functional, and secure by design.

service offerings
Arokia IT USA offers a wide range of blockchain services,
including but not restricted to:
we are different

Arokia IT USA is powered by Reach, a high-level programming language that
allows us to write powerful, chain-agnostic code simultaneously for the
Algorand and Ethereum protocols. With Reach’s robust mathematical
verification engine, the final product is substantially more secure than if it
were written in TEAL or Solidity.

The greatest risk when it comes to writing smart contracts is the extent of damage that can come of potential vulnerabilities. Reach mitigates this risk
by performing checks on the contract code during compile time, eliminating common weaknesses—such as those caused by integer underflows or overflows—as well reporting logic that may cause unexpected behavior.

The result is a product that is elegant and secure by design, while also being much cheaper to audit.

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